About us

KSC International Trade is an experienced and innovative exporter of fruits & vegetables to international markets. Our company is based in Haifa, near Israel’s largest cargo port. We offer a large variety of fruits and vegetables of highest quality, that are available almost all year round.
Our main activities are in exporting of Israeli fruit and vegetables to the European market.   

In 2015, our company has grown with the creation of a French subsidiary, KSC France. KSC France has two branches, one in Marseille and the other in Perpignan. Via, our French subsidiary, we distribute some of our products.  In France, our clientele is divided between wholesale markets, supermarkets and grocery stores.

Our vision is toward further expansion in European markets and establishment of long-term relationships with our clients


Our values

  • High quality

Being a flexible organization, we enjoy the freedom of choosing
our suppliers, ensuring only the best in terms of quality and pricing.
We personally check every shipment in order to guarantee freshness and quality.
Our time to market is the shortest possible

  • Fair pricing

Our business philosophy is based on low overheads and competitive prices
obtained by constant negotiation with suppliers.

  • Personal service

Company’s guide lines are: to serve our clients in the most personal way.
Each client is assigned to a specific account manager who is responsible for the entire relationship. We are committed to first class service at shortest time possible.

Quality, service and responsiveness are at the heart of the values ​​of KSC in order to provide our customers with the best fruit and vegetables.


Mandarin & date : our featured products


Although we sell a wide selection of quality fruit and vegetables all year long, two products stand out in our catalogue and for our customers: Orri mandarin and dates.

  • The easy-to-peel Ori is very sweet. Its particularly long service life contributes to its reputation.


  • Known as “the sweet of nature”, the date Medjool is recognized for its quality, taste and long life. We offer two ranges of Medjool dates: the medjool date and the medjool date ”Bonbon”.
  • Light yellow, oval-shaped with a smooth skin, fresh Bahri dates are sweet, juicy, crisp and beautiful. They are sold in branches.